Deodorant Sterilization Fabric Water

Deodorant Sterilization Fabric Water

Deodorant Sterilization Fabric water

Fabric water was developed by Biken Co., a specialist manufacturer of aroma. It is a natural and refreshing fragrance of deodorant antibacterial linen & room.
We use silver ion solution, green tea extract, Eucalyptus essential oil, and persimmon extract for deodorant disinfection component.

We have acquired deodorant and sterilization test data!
You can see it by clicking▼.
▼ Deodorant Sterilization Fabric water Test Data

[Clothes and cloth products that cannot be used]
Leather, artificial leather, fur, kimono.
such as hair, silk, rayon, acetate, Cupra, etc. that have weak fibers and non-washing.
Please try to use the special processing product such as water-repellent, the one with the fear of the discoloration in the place not noticeable.
※ There is a fear of the stain and discoloration by clothes.
Made in Japan

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