About Us

We are a professional manufacturer of 35 years aroma.
All the products are manufactured in Japan.
Since its establishment in 1982, we have delivered peace of mind and a little pleasure, "Oasis of the Heart" through our fragrance as a specialist manufacturer of scents in Japan.

Our main products
1) Japan typical citrus "YUZU", Setouchi Lemon, Hokkaido Japanese Mint series
Especially, Yuzu is a world-renowned Japan specialty.
2) Organic fragrance La Fleur Hair Care Series
3) Organic Treatment oil Certified by Ecocert-Cosmos that Japanese beauty salon has used.
And so on.


Biken’s basic principle

1.   We provide our customers “Heart of Oasis”, peace and wealth in the consumer’s mind through our fragrance.
2.   We deliver high quality and specialized goods that our customers can easily obtain and enjoy anytime. 
3.   Our goal is to “be a specialty manufacturer that customers can fully trust”.
     1)   We obtained a certification of International Standard ISO9001 Quality Management in August, 2006.
     2)   We regularly perform a “Customer Satisfaction Survey” and other tests to improve our products.
     3)   We offer the safest ingredients and materials possible.
     4) We focus on giving back to society by contributing to various charities such as “Save the Children” and “Green Funds”.
     5)   We encourage each employee to excel so that we can become a superior corporation.

 [Company Outline]

Biken Co., Ltd.  (Est. 12/1982) 
English Trade name: BIKEN Co.,
Address:  6F 3-30-4, K & H Bldg. Nishi-Ikebukuro Toshima-ku, Tokyo, 171-0021 Japan
Fax: 03-3985-3712
Capital: \10,000,000
CEO: Harumi Sakamoto

Products: Essential Oils, Carrier Oils, Bathing Salts, Aroma related goods, Cosmetics, etc.
Major wholesale customers: Departments stores, Salons, Inertia & apparel shops, stores that sale household goods, Specialty shops
Other Advisers: ALG & Associates and Mirai Certified Tax Accountant
License of Cosmetics Manufacture (acquired in 5/2005)
ISO9001 Quality Management System Certification (acquired on 8/10/2006)
ECOCERT Certified Goods Public Interest Incorporated Association
A member of “Aroma Environment Association Japan”